photographing timeless and playful couples, families and brands.
natural, fun and candid imagery.

and I photograph timeless, elegant and playful couples, families and brands in a way that feels comfortable and authentic. Everyone deserves to cherish beautiful photographs!

Let's adventure together, laugh together, and create MAGIC together. I can't wait!

Hi, I'm Caitlin!

Core Values

Every person is so special and I am on a mission to reveal the beauty in people and relationships through each and every photoshoot. For me, it is about a whisper in the ear as the bride and groom watch their witnesses sign their marriage certificate, the joy on a child's face as dad swings them around, or the sparkle of light on the water-The beauty in the in-between. 

Jesus' profound love for people fuels my desire to share that love in every interaction and photograph. The Creator fuels my creativity, my heart for people, and the success of my business. To honour this, I pour my heart into serving my clients and creating nurturing experiences for them that leave them feeling valued and loved.


This world is incredibly beautiful and I want to explore it all. I spend hours exploring to find incredible places and I deeply respect the land I create on. The next step is to share it- I want to help clients plan their next adventure and capture it beautifully. I am a jetsetter at heart and want to travel internationally for wedding photography.

I was always photographing my friends in their favorite places with their favorite people. I love people and emotion- I was naturally drawn to capturing love (and I seriously can't help it).  A husband’s adoring glance at his new wife, a family’s fit of laughter, a brand’s passion and vision. I fall in love over and over again with photographing timeless, heartfelt moments and building relationships with my incredible clients. Do you like walks in the sun, a good glass of wine, and being REAL? Let's be besties!

I started off obsessed with all things wild and beautiful.

I still can’t believe that I get to wake up everyday and capture love stories in a way that leaves clients feeling empowered and beautiful! Like, c'mon, HOW LUCKY AM I?!

It feels like a dream to build relationships with incredible couples, families and brands, all while providing them with lifelong, precious memories!


I thought I just loved photographing beautiful things

but now I realize that I just really love PEOPLE. Everyone’s story is so important- I believe in the power of love and passion and I feel so honored to get to be part of people’s journeys. I want to get to know YOU on a deeper level and capture your story meaningfully.

why i really do this


a few fun facts

I have a dance degree and am a professional contemporary dancer! I get to train and perform in Alberta during my slow (winter) season. Dance just might be my secret sauce for understanding movement and posing bodies.

I am an avid water lover-if there is a body of water, you will find me in it! And yes, that includes during photoshoots-anything for the shot!

 I have a sister with a disability called Cri du Chat Syndrome and have a special place in my heart for anyone who is not embraced by society. I ended up working as a development aide for people with disabilities for about 8 years.


I am based in Calgary, Alberta, home of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, bright blue waters and grassy plains. BUT GUESS WHAT? I will  travel anywhere in the world and I offer discounted travel rates at the moment. I will be your paparazzi anywhere in the world!

I will be right with you during the planning process and help you organize your timeline to allow enough time for portraits and set you up with the best light possible. I'll be capturing every special moment, including the candid, in-between ones, and helping you with anything else you need. After a laid-back meet and greet to get to know each other, I will then get you in the books (AHHH!) and then will be supporting you every step of the way right up until after your big day. One of my favorite parts about shooting weddings is all the relationships built. Let's go for coffee, get to know each other, and get this party started!

You will be able to order true-to-colour, professionally printed (none of that drugstore or grocery store quality where the blues look a bit green) wall-art and albums directly from your gallery. It is an easy and streamlined process! Because after all, your beautiful photos are meant to be SEEN!

We do not offer RAW photos. The editing process is more than half of the final product! The overall look of Rose & Range images is  what makes them unique and the colour grading is part of the integrity of the photos.

You may absolutely have a second shooter for your wedding day! Seconds are great if your wedding is large, or even if you just want different angles of you and more photos of moments you can't be present for (like cocktail hour or conversations between family members).

I have a go-to, trusted second shooter and I have them sign a contract that secures their commitment for you special day.

You will never wonder: "what do we do next?!" I will be directing you the entire time and give you LOTS of guidance. I give a mixture of movement-based prompts and I guide natural posing. Movement keeps things natural, candid and fun! The natural posing allows for you to be yourselves, while I guide things like hand placement and stray strands of hair.

Heck to the YES! Contact me with location details and I can give you an estimate. I also shoot elopements, anywhere and everywhere. I am always down for an adventure!

I am currently have discounted rates for weddings and elopements shot in ITALY, GREECE, MEXICO, AND FRANCE.

Yes, I sure do! I can do movement based head-shots or more structured, corporate headshots. See the Sentient Forms tab for pricing!

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